Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kinda like business law out of all the modules that i'm studying now.
Celebrated my 22nd bday with my uni gangs..
went to eat La-la.. stingray.. kang kong..
ok firstly.. i'm sorry that i'm really a glutton.. i dont have the patience to take picture of food. So.. i only had the 1st dish picture.. lol!

Tadah.. the 1st dish picutre. lol.. Herbal chicken..

Ytd went to raffles city to work on our marketing proj..
den head off to this burger restuarant for lunch...

den head home to wait for my boy..

I'm like a housewife waiting for my hubby to reach home.. I went down to fetch him.. hehe.. we went to buy dinner n waited for my parents to get home.. cos they bought my bday cake! hehe.. v.touching. cos they were suppose to stay in office till late.. but they rmb my bday so they got home early.. hehe..

we cut cake tgt.. woohoo... its my bday~~ My boy stayed over.. hehe.. this morning sent him to camp.. den drove home alone.. v.v long nv drive alone alrdy!!! lol.. must try to get more chances. hahas..

alright nt feeling well.. i will update another one soon! hehe.. loves!!!

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