Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Apologise for my previous emo post..
Well.. My boy is so sweet..
from todae onwards he will be staying out..
i think this will be more tiring for him. but it's not something up for him to decide.. so even tired he also have to stay out. haha!

He is indeed a very sweet person n CUTE!
he nv fails to make my day..
I always throw my temper at him.. force him to listen to my grumbles..
do things according to my way.. he will always give in to me..

i love him..
Just now.. he came and gave me a surprise.
It had been awhile since he will just suddenly pop out at my doorstep n asked me to open e door.. n tadah~ he was there..
He knew i was feeling stress.. n upset..
but previously he had to stay in. he couldnt b by my side..
n today.. he just came!
he called my hp.. n talked to me normally..
den suddenly he said.. "i wanna go toilet"
den i reply " go ba.. i on hold our conversation"
den he said " open ur door.. i wan go toilet"
den i wan like.. WHAT!!!
hang up the fone.. n ran happily like a lil girl running towards an ice-cream stall..
he was there!!
n i gave him a kiss! MUACKS!

jumping ard.. like a lil girl..
cos i couldnt hide my happiness..

n he said " i noe u feeling down.. so i pop by to encourage u"
aww.... melt my heart.. n once agn..
i fell for him~~~


This is a over-sweetness post.. If after reading u all puke.. i do not hold any reponsibilities.


I LOVE MY BOY~~~ ("v")

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