Friday, December 24, 2010

Nth to do at office..
my stupid bf meet his bunkmates.. till now den go for lunch..
hais.. shld have expected this..

so now.. everyone left office.. left me here.. ALONE!
its merry xmas..
i shld b happy..but i m so bored!

airen ask me go find her 1st.. den later ask my boy come find me..
but i alrdy no mood to go out alrdy..
not i throwing temper at anything...
just dun have to mood for anything..

everything seems so unorganised..
and i dun like this kind of things to happen on me.
if u guys noe wat is spoiler... i think i m the spoiler.
cos i dun wan to celebrate or meet anyone alrdy..

cant expect me to dress up nicely alrdy..
den ask me go home agn..
den meet me at home right! its. so... argh..
or mayb i shld just stay at home!

i think i shall just go home..
at night den go out with the guys..
better than being alone in the office like some dummy..
waiting for parents to pick me up..
i m not a dummy! lol

hahaha.. ok.. i am showing my unhappiness out here alrdy..
before i start typing vuglarities..
i shall stop here..
and find something useful to do..
till my boy is ready. ARGH!!!

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