Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet PP & JJ today for dinner.
They always dote on me. So we went to eat MUSHROOM POT!
i was thinking of eating it since attachment. lol
But gosh, it's freaking EXP! each of us paid $38!
Ok 1st, i love this scallop! it taste so nice! hehe..
My fav. n the fried shrimp too. (fotos with PP) We ordered Yuan Yang soup base.
I love spicy. so.. i drank the ma la soup. hehe~
our table was filled with food. Its a buffet, so we ordered twice.
I was super full~ hahas. but PP ate alot..
JJ full alrdy. BOO! lol..
Den JJ nid to go home early.
so PP n me went to catch a movie.
So qiao, both of us oso wan to watch the Alien in the Attic. haha!
but nt alot ppl wan to watch ah.
they sae"childish,kidish,lame"
but i love to watch these shows~ lol
I find it funny! lol..
Xg was like goin to fall asleep la..
he is like some ahpek watching this show.. haha!
but we both laughed alot! guess we r the 2nd noisiest.
the winner is the two uncles.! lol
btw.. me n xg.. walked from kallang mrt to kallang leisure park..
n after movie, we walked back. HAHA!
along the way.. chit chat.. update each other. it was FUN!
next meet up soon!

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