Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet the 2ds..
its was like a yr ago that i last met them.
ha ha ha.

but bcos of my yixian n my aiai hanlin. i decided to go again
who noes the idiot hanlin went to work for IT fair.
nevertheless, celebrated xian bday.

went to Fish & Co for our dinner.
to me, guess v.long we dint meet up so i kinda lost at wat they saying.
but still this idiot Rodney make me luff till i cried!
n when he talk abt those stupid acts he did..
reali bring me back to my secondary days.
Wendy,Bm, Me
we lost our nose~
Aiai came to find us.
those retard guys,~
amazingly, i still can rmb his hse no n hp no~
pro~ lol
i Love his spect.
i wan to get one myself! lol

Haven update my botanic picnic with my babies. wait till my dear ervina sent me 1st~ lol

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