Monday, May 04, 2009

Lazy to on my CER CER[lappy]
Use bro desktop while he is studying his chi.

Short update..
Met up with almost all my darlings last week..
3f03. i had a great fun with them..
Attachment ppl.. Sakae. i was super full~

I know i know many pics that i haven upload. hahas..
pretty lazy to do that..

No mood to blog as well...

anyway~ now i m so into KIM HYUN JOONG.
he is reali a hot pretty boy i must sae..

N his characters. WOW~ i meant his character in the show..
B MY FIREMAN!.. hahaha..

Anyways.. gonna teach bro chi now.
he is jus so dumb in chi..
so update other tym den..


Miss u ppl!

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