Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wah... i think i reali offended alot ppl la! hahahas..
kidding la.. hu will rmb me?
except for my Babies, 3F03, PP,JJ, ErxinSeng, Dumbo, WYJ, IAN, Alvin,5AG..
anymore? hahahas..

ok.. lets jus sae.. EVERYONE is impt to me! hahas..
liddat better? hahas..

Jus came back from Khalil & Wenye's bbq.
Initially tot it will b those serious bbq.. but with khalil ard.. nv fail to make me luff ah.
I had so much fun with all of them.

those content i shall skip. cos all bbq r liddat..
had a mini conversation with JJ.
cos in office dun reali have e tym with him.
but everydae see PP. hahas.. i v. happy ler. HAHAHAHAHA
*pp, fake enuff? *

Khalil sent me home, since we live near each other.
Chit chat for ard 30 mins before we set off.
He made me luff so loudly that the car park ppl keep look at me.
till we hopped onto the car.. i was still luffing.

hahas. he got this stupid idea of ejecting the seat n sent me to my home directly.
n he sae " hold on tight.. i goin to eject, u level 2 rite? ok.. no nid so much strength."
me: "ok.. i m ready!!! hahashaha"
he:" i sent u alrdy, tml rmb to return me the seats ok~ "

DUMB! hahhas.
ok. now reached home bathed, but hair still smell like bbq la!~ lol

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