Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Travel to Bangkok

Aloha~ I finally went BKK !
it might be an easy task for many, but i m a poor girl.. 
i dont have much money to travel.. so it's like a dream come true! 

Well, i traveled with my family. It was supposed to be a 避年. But we returned on the 31st.
so tactically, we didnt 避到年。 but its okay..

I planned to go shopping and eat whole day! but it didnt go according to my plan.
cos travel with parents and two guys (siblings), they don't really fancy shopping. *BOO!*
Papa & Mama Er intend to have relaxing trip, sit at some nice cafe & chitchat..
Eldest Er fell sick (fever), so we went back earlier to let him rest.. 
Youngest Er was on a exam study brk, so he got to study in the hotel.

only Middle ER (ME!) wanna shop shop shop whole day.~
they got so sick of me shopping non-stop. in fact i didnt buy much! i still got so many things that i wan to buy! but its ok, i believe i will go there one day again! haha

I skyped with my love everyday, thou the connection was bad, we re-connect plenty of times.
But we feels much better after seeing one another, if not i will miss him so much! 5days is a torture for me!

Its a heartwarming trip tgt, cos my family members are always busy with our own stuffs. its a rare event that we can all gather together. Er family bonding time begin!

First day we walked around our hotel, there are two shopping malls connected, it's pretty convenient for us.
we were famished and quickly settled our lunch and went to MBK! 
There got nth for me to buy! i was devastated.. my two bro went to tailor-made suits. and i got nth to buy on my first day of BKK. its more of like a electronics shopping mall. hais.. its ok~ i anticipated for my 2nd day. 

First proudly present to you, Middle ER and Eldest ER

MaMa Er, PaPa Er, Middle Er, Eldest Er & Youngest Er~
Do we all look similar in some ways? 

Eldest Er trying be funny~ 

This idiot snatched my window seat! 
i wanna see the plane take off! 

Papa Er wanna join the the photo taking fun! haha


 My dinner.. we got no idea what is that but it tasted good~
they didnt speak eng, so me n Eldest Er just point point at it. HAHA!
till PaPa Er came to the rescue! *he knows some thai*

2nd day: i woke up earlier. Youngest Er doesnt wanna wake up! hais.

Piggy Youngest Er

My first Tomyam noodles.

Our Dinner.. Tomyam Again! 

Tomyam for breakfast! haha! 
Basically i started to eat tomyam everyday w/o fail.
or should say it as, Tomyam every meal. 

60% belongs to me, 40% youngest ER

We went to the railway stn to take a look.
den to my dad's friend place at a ulu place. 

This was found everywhr!
so cute! i wanna but a carton back! haha
but too troublesome to do so. 

My mouthwatering strawberry crepe!

Its v.nice. me n bro drink this everyday, 1 bottle *1litre* everyday.
But i still.. ... ... ... HAHA!

Last day. Mum woke up us super early.. 
it quite obvious we are still half-asleep.*its alrdy small*

We are still waiting for our taxi to reach.

Its time to leave! back to Singapore!

 Our brunch at Airport.

I look so retard... HAHA!

 And i got on the plane home.
and the same idiot dashed to the window seat agn. =.=

i fell asleep..
and woke up.. 
And realized all my hair stick on my face.
thanks to static.=.=

 And we r BACK! 

Travel trip was a short one.
We bought DTAC happy tourist travel card at 299baht. 
it was a 7-days unlimited 3g plan. And 100 baht for local call. 
it was pretty handy for us to get contact with one another.
3G made me keep in close touch with my love who is in Spore.. 

Although i didnt shop much, but.. i had plenty of nice food and great memories with my family. 
sorry that i flared up plenty of times, *im short-tempered* 
but i still love you guys! haha..


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