Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lunar new year~~

It's lunar new year! My favorite holidays of all! Hehe..

On the 31st night, we just came back from bkk. So my mum didn't cook a big feast as she was exhausted. Me understand. Haha. No sharkfin soup.. Abit sad,but it's alright... 

Well my family have this habit of 避年 which I alrdy mentioned before. But this yr we didn't succeed. So we went to grandpa house on chu1. At night my sugarcane came over to bainian. N we chatting for quite awhile cos we didn't see each other for 5days! Haha. I admit I'm a sticky gf. Haha.

Chu2 early morning I went over to my sugarcane side.. It's fun.. Playing with all those kids. They r more obedient compare to my relative kids. Haha. All the kids nowadays all own a iPad/tech gadgets. I must let my kids play toys! Haha.

Alright, at night we went to meet up with J n YC. We went to sing and till 11 plus and we had late night movie. Me n darling took a night rider back. I was alrdy freaking tired but we got no cab in sight. I totally dropdead when I sat down on the bus. I didn't care abt my image anymore cos I need to slp! It was alrdy 3am. Haha.
Den we had a stroll home holding hands..

Yep.. That's pretty much. Hehe.

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