Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Yippie ya ya.. Yippie yippie ya~
Now got free time to do some blogging. hehe~

Well, i love my new contacts. My hamster eyes..
but sadly.. my boy find it scary! haha!
i keep psycho him "nice right nice right?"

den he goes :" not bad la.. 素脸美女"
hahas. let him off this tym.

Went to air-force with my bf.
Loves planes! so cool!
esp when i can go dating with him..

This one got the cool, assassin feel~ HAHA!
Got Air-show! PHEW~~ PHEW~~ fly here n there..

made me feel so excited! woohoo!

Dear and I went to register for the free plane ride. but. we didnt get e place.

its alright~ haha! felt happy for those selected ones~ haha!

baby finding his way to the shows~!


Well, There were super lots of ppl there. The weather is killing me that day. I got sun-burn. Incredible right? tell me abt it~

We walked all the way out to the bus-stop which is not that near from the air-base. HAHA!

Both of us were exhausted. so went back home n took a nap~ haha!

Alright will update another one soon!! hehe.

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