Monday, June 13, 2011

Is there an illness call..
"jealousy-envyniess syndrome"? HAHA!
apparently i'm infected with it!

I cant stop looking @ those pretty ladies..
Those tat r already started working
n can afford bags,clothes,Mani-cures,spa or whatsoever.

My envyniess level is raising everytime i look at their blogs/fb.
i will start thinking..
how wonderful their lives are.
how pretty they are.
how sweet their bfs are..
etc. etc.

Although i m filled with jealousy,
i still couldn't refrain myself from visiting their fbs.
i'm like addicted.

if even in my life,
i will get envy by ppl. HAHAHA!

i wanna quit studying n start working now!
so i can have a happening (money) life style! hahas

But on second thoughts,
if i quit sch.. its = to waste of $$
i shld just wait till i grad..
go accordingly to my plan.

i believe, i will still be able to reach that status.
its just that, they reached earlier than me..

i'm in e process of spilt personalities now.
i'll be the normal KAREN agn.

the plain/simple karen.

hmm, i gt a cute prefect family,
a caring understanding sweet bf,
a group of wonderful babies(gfs).

its actually more den enuff.
sadly.. no enuff money.
let me strike toto! PLS PLS PLS!


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