Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hmm, I think i am quite a nag-er n a grumble-er.haha!
keep grumble to my boy. xin ku him le. haha!

just thats.. i got so angry. hais!
thou its a small matter, but.. pls dun let history happen agn.

when it happened last time, i was in a hard position to clear things up.
so pls.. this tym dun drag any innocent ppl into this agn.

its damn wth. u nv know how awkward i was when ppl talk abt this.
so pls. behave urself.

dun bring trouble anymore.

my blog is just a place to vent my thoughts. so dun ask me who n what happen.
when i wan to sae.. i will..

haha. i think i m getting vulgar recently.
n it seems that i cant hold my temper recently.
scare i will get heart-attack one day. hais!

alright.. my fever subside alrdy..
hope my boy wont get fever!

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