Sunday, August 23, 2009

went to the HOUSE of SEAFOOD for dinner~
to held a mini celebration for the two bday boy( ahem, old man) LOL

n they r... *drum roll..*
DADDY!!and.. KEN! hahas
love his new hairstyle..

*new nick is.. 毛头。haha!*
i love to eat CRAB!! lol
den all black pepper will stuck on ur teeth!!
mummy oso like! hahahas
my bro new haircut.
the prisoner! lol
next update. went to NSRCC resort.
its for the SAESL's chalet!
YEAH!! had so much fun!!
went cycling.. JJ's bike chain broke off. hais.
but it a gr8 exercise!!!
two dumb guys wanted to repair the bike. but in vain. LOL
Wah ge's bday cake.
i finished half of it!
WOOHOO! fat fat fat! lol dun CARE!
2nd dumb thing they did.
nt JJ shaked the coke bottle which was alrdy freezed.
den... BOOM! it exploded! hahaas
how cool~
dumb ppl~ hahas
see.. my lovely plant! so green n healthy~ hahahs
i noe some1 tryin to delete this pic from me..
but.. TOO BAD! i blogged this out! lalala
Kris er.
before he went to prison. sad ah! HAHAHAHA
Kris n Karen Er

Karen er

round face!the er sibling!
Act like some small kids.
jumped ard the bed.! hahas
now holidaes le..
lookin for job. hahas
cant believe it.
i actually regret wat i had said.
but.. there is no turn back this tym rd.

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