Sunday, August 30, 2009

talked to airen so much on relationships..

gosh.. she noes too much
i shall murder her tonite! lol..

always think that.. got wat thing oso can share with her..
nt afraid of how she look at me.
cos i noe she will always support me..

todae told her abt two of the guys. lol
i m so tired of guessing. hahas
so watever it is.. it shall jus end right here.
rite ai ren?
i v. 潇洒。。LOL

another.. similar situation as her.
lol.. so we understand each other better
but i guess i m much more fortunate than her.
airen dun jealous.

but u noe me.
i dun like this kind of situation.
it another pointless thing. HA HA HA

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