Saturday, August 29, 2009

ho ho ho. This week keep go out, never go dad office. Lol. I forgot wat i did already. Lol. Only rmb this week meet got meet audrey, dinner with baby n slave. Lol. Told baby n ch alot, lol. All my secrets r with them. Haha. I noe ch now mood nt good, but come to karen jie jie, i give u a hug!! Lol. I can imagine your face when u read this!! Lol. Ok den went zoo with sweetie, L n J. I had fun, thou raining, but we managed to sit down n chit chat. Lol. N thx a, j n airen for smsing n calling. Hehe. Love you all. Ytd went to do free labour for airen. I good hor, cut cut laminate. Lol. Den went for dinner n shopping. Hehe. Loves everyone!!

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