Saturday, March 29, 2008

One whole week do this n that.
didnt reali rest well..
blame who?
blame myself for join this n that..
cannot complain karen er.. u cant..

sun went to mr lim's hse.
the moment i saw kimseng he told me
" eh karen.. mr lim's son v. shuai.. later u see"
i totally HIGH! hahahhahs den he luff luff luff..
once i step in wif jasmine.. we lookout for his son.. hahahs..
my TYPE! those study study type..
hahas but jasmine dun like.. lucky for me! hahahs
like 花痴。

den mon tue went for FOC trial camp.
for the freshmen orientation camp. but its a trial camp.
so onli leaders go..
super tired.
slp at 5am. woke up at 7 plus am.
like didnt slp la. dumbo..
den 8plus PM dismiss.
too shagged. so hire cab home with vincent.

wed BTE.
woke up in the morning.
go sch den bring sec 1 students for beautifyin the environment
stupid? but its fun. hahahs
sun tanned~ hahahs

I&E grp meeting.
meet already discuss for our projects.
whoa.. rush rush n CHIONG AH!
cos fri got to hand in
n we didnt do anyting
pro? hahahs
reach home. didnt slp at all..
super pek cek.
i no mood to joke ard, my brain is like shut down.
but i got to write things out!
must b some solid essay
i super angry.

4am called wenbin up..
den we 2 online n rush project again.
den 6 plus he v.tired went to slp.
den i went to meet audrey in sch.
we 2continued
but got her v. gud
onli she can cheer me up.
when i m tired or angry or watever.
she noes n she got her ways to cheer me up.
peiqi smsed me abt her bus. hahahs!
she v. cute

den meet mr max to hand in our projects.
joke ard wif him.

den nite bbq for alumni...
hate them to the core.
like i m the sevants.
n i got to serve them
1st tym so angry at strangers.

sorry if i m dirty
i spit at the food.
vincent, wenbin n audrey so shock when i spit!
but they followed! HAHAHAHHAHA
den i told jasmine
she oso!hahahs
so all the food contain our SALIVA! HO HO HO!
damn shuang ah!

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