Saturday, March 22, 2008

heres all my pretty babies.
n of cos the one taking the foto for us TAN PEIQI! my airen
u nv take foto wif us. but ur face is in m heart. i swear.
nv ever will forget u.
my wedding u all be my bridemaids

ytd. they all celebrate my bday wif me.
this is the 1st celebration i had since i return spore.

although i jus seen them ytd.
but the feeling of MISS is still there!

i appreciate the CAKE the Presents. The cards.
thanks alot..
sincerely, seriously

i love u girls.

its like, u all will nv forget me.
like my existence is there.
u all will always b there for me.
n of cos i swear. i will b there for every single of u!

went to Giraffe for dinner
1st tym there.
super nice.. the food.. the DRINKS. hahas

played alot games.. hahas
all so funny.

all my babies r jus so pretty..

took train wif airen n laopo
stupid teresa i didnt saw her for super long.
n i deeply miss her.

decided to walk to peiqi hse.
cos we got alot alot to catch up wif.
during the 2weeks that i m at china.
n our thinking to share..

peiqi said. "你不要无聊啦。这种东西不可以随便的."
sounds wrong? hahhaas
cos i told her in china i actually bet on sth.
like if this come true den i will do this..
wat she said is true.
but.. i m those type of.. go with god will kind of ppl.
i always do this. hahas...
but now.. i m against god will
HAHAHAHAS 很矛盾,对不对。

my bday wish is.
another 2.. cannot sae.. hahahahs!

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