Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is what i did for my AIREN..
i noe not nice la.. but tots tat counts la airen..

Me.. Sweetie..Honey.
honey take de.. she nth do!

inside bus.. i enjoying my aircon n she take foto of herself..

Can u stop it! erXIN la!! lol

OK.. now e idiot ahsun told me one big secret
n i m nt suppose to sae out..
i damn xin ku ah..
XIN KU!! idiot him..
bth him!! lol.. idiot idiot idiot..
e secret is.. 不能说的秘密。。
ok lame..
BabyM bday i cant make it..
i felt so gulity.
dun blame me ppl.. dun blame me..
i love her de.. she noes.. lol..
todae after sch.. den chiong to VIVO wif honey..
to do our secret dating.. lol..
den benben wan come find me..
den he came.. cos he goin to work oso..
den honey left le..
me n ben ben 二人世界。
more n more loves him le.. but still must consider properly.
later got into 贼船!LOL!
hope he doesnt see this.
mr yap.. i LOVES U!

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