Sunday, July 22, 2007

okok i hav been thinking abt these..
wat are my gd points n bad points.
i will sae out all my BAD POINTS!
so this is a rare post of mine! hahas
dun blink ur eyeS! hahas

1) i do things according to my mood
eg: when i gd mood den i ask my frens out, when i bad mood or no mood, i wont even care abt them. even if we planned le i will jus giv any excuse n dun go.
2) i got a bad temper~
eg: i v easily get angry. i might jus suddenly flare up.
3) i dun have own thinking
eg: i do wat my best fren says. i always jus "anything anything"
but it is actually i m lazy to think. or rather no thinking!
4) Selfish, hypocrite
eg: sometimes i m reluctant to help ppl but still i will ask others to help them. [ppl is referrin to those i nt close de]
5) i m v petty
eg: once u sae i "ACT CUTE" i immediately flare up in front of u. i dun care who u r! sometimes when anyone sae sth tat r unpleasant to my ears i will nt v happy.
eg: lazy to do alot of things. rather slp..
7) dun like to talk on e fone
eg: is this a bad point? lol. jus dun like to talk on e fone.. but sometimes i will.depend on mood.
8) judge ppl by their looks
eg: if new fren tat have e evil looks, i v scram 1st. bad bad me. hais
9) mood swing damn fast~
eg: i can lyk b hyper.. den out of a sudden.. i keep quiet.. den show those nt happi face
10) i love to argue back..
eg: i like to argue back.. but onli to those i rather close de.. but super close de.. i wont liddat. lol
11) love e feelin of winning
eg: i love it when i win some1, regardless of studies or work or when arguing.
but when comes to study i like nv win b4.
12) v BHB
eg: always sae.. i v chio le la.. cannot upgrade anymore or..
eh u like me rite? dun act le la..
gosh.. many ppl puke becos of this. HAHA!
13) love to lies n act!
eg: super drama.. n love to lie.. hahas bluffing queen!
14) think too much


GOOD points:
1) U treat me gud i treat u gud

2) Love to eat! hahas

3) Willing to do anything for my BEST frens!

SERIously! i m nt acting now, i duno wats my gd points. n i dun nid anyone to tell me.

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