Monday, July 30, 2007

hais.. i guess many shld heard about tat bad news le.

i really duno y it happened!

can some1 pls tell me..

its like so sudden.. den when airen told me abt it

i tot she jokin leh!

how could he possibly do taT?

cos i noe him as.. cheerful.. like to disiao ppl..

i still rmb how he disiao me lo, esp when he singing tym. hais HAI HAI!

i nv tot it would happen lo.. so if anyone noe wat happened can tell me?


but i think airen more sad.. cos airen n him more close!

todae normal sch dae..

den we took some fotos.

this is my class.. ok my HONEY is jealous of me n my SWEETIE!

n how could my honey n sweetie so EN AI! i m jealous!!

ok i wore RODNEY sun glass. weird rite? hahas

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