Saturday, September 14, 2013

Uni's Picnic!

These friends of mine belongs to the group of "Say meet up but suddenly all became Professional Pilots at e very last moment". Of course, I'm one of them too. haha. 

Thou we have been saying that we should organize a picnic outing since our year 2, we finally made it happen after we graduate. Haha! I did not take part in the organizing as they said let the unemployed do the job. HAHAHAHA! 

We all have to prepare one food for the picnic, for goodness sake, I have never cook/prepare any food for pot luck before! So i suggest to bring nuggets, and the group laughed at me. Which i had no idea why, till one of them told me that there are kimchi fried rice, potato salad, chicken, sandwiches, homemade-longan drinks, fruits platters and the only food thats on par with me was cheese-hotdog. I guess they find my food overly-simple for the picnic. 

But i argued that Cheese-hotdog is like the same level as mine nuggets! And they approved. But, now to think of it, it could be only one of them despise my nuggets, the rest should be fine with it. Haha

We went to Labrador Park Nature Reserve for our long-awaited picnic. It is a freaking long-way in. 
I met up with XB and Jas first, lucky Cass's drove past us and picked us up. 

 When everyone arrived, we placed our food down and started munching!! 

And camwhore began... 

Ken was trying to catch the sunset, while we girls were busy catching ourselves with the sunset. haha! 

Jac, is one of the indispensable people in my life. She brings laughter wherever she goes. Willing to do all those stupid actions with me and laugh with me. hahaha! most pervert girlfriend.. goes to her!  

This marks a fun-bonding picnic with them. Thank every single one of them for being there for me during my 3 years of uni life. Laughter and sweat that I'll never forget.  

Thank you! 

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