Sunday, September 15, 2013

Failed plot

Baby met me during one of the weekdays cos I was super down at work. And he doesn't wan me to do OT anymore. So he insist to meet me. 

He drove, picked me up and we went amk hub for dinner. We have the urge for the MALA hotpot. So we head right to the stall when we enter e food court. 

We were choosing our ingredient wisely.. Cos we know it ain't cheap. Haha. Den the staff passed us this "device" which we have seen in quite afew restaurant. 

Baby had this idea of wantin to take his "ironman"shot. Hahahaha! He started to state at e stall n wait for his turn. So the device will ring & turn red.  

But.... When I took his picture.... 

Cos the light was blinking! When I took e shot, it went off! Hahahahaha! Bad timing! 

I told him to wait! As my phone lag, I quickly took another. But.... 

His expression look sian. Hahaha! Den e staff came n passed us the food. 

And he goes.. "*Face palm* why my gf can't take a good picture of me" 


He is always my happy pill! Regardless what kind of shit I suffered during work. Once I see him, I feels so happy! Hahahahaha! 

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