Saturday, June 01, 2013

Our short trip to Langkawi!

We traveled once again! This time to langkawi. 
Its a grad trip for me. cos i been whining about no graduation trip and he begin planning a short get-away with me.. and it is our 42th months! 

While waiting for our flight~ i took our my camera n he must b thinking "AGAIN!" so he decided to photo-boomed. 

 When we reached Langkawi, it started raining. We were worried about our beach-plan if it continues raining. But Air-Asia provided us with umbrella, not bad. this is my 1st tym alight in a open space and walk there. 

The moment we reached, the airport was filled with ZOMBIES! all shouting " Argh~~ boss! Boss!! look here! i give u good rates!!" Omg, it was scary.. It was for CAR RENTAL. haha
We picked a manual Perodua Viva! haha. 

 We stayed at a kampong area chalet. Outside was filled with COWS! It is also known as Cow Hills. haha.. Dear and I got a shocked when we saw those cows walking aimlessly on the road and eating grass. 

We drove to Cenang Beach for Lunch.
And picked a restaurant filled with ppl called "Tomato"
I ordered Bihun Goreng! it was nice. i like this kind of beehoon! Delicious!

Right After that, We went to played Parasail and Jet-Ski!
It was my first but baby's 2nd. 
We sailed as a couple, the sight was magnificent! But the duration was quite short.

Look at my double-chin face while im staring at other ppl playing para-sailing. HAHA!

Den this guy, Wanted to drive up the hills. So we began.
But i was so tired.. at 3/4 of the journey i fell asleep with my sunglass on. So at first he didnt know till..

 Him: " Dear see got monkey!" 
Me: "orh~"
Him: "Dear! got cows so many!"
Me: "Orh~"

Totally no interest! HAHA! interested in ZZZ monster more. hahas. 

Here he is, the driver excited over the car-ride up! 

and the passenger just woke up! HAHA!
Went up the tower to look at the overall view!

We went to KUAH town for dinner. 
This restaurant is WONDERLAND
Kuah Town is mostly Chinese ppl. 
I love their Sambal Kangkong. NICE!! haha! 

Snorkeling Time!!
So many fishes and baby SHARKS! i was swimming with them. 
Starting, i was afraid~ and keep running away from them but i realised they are more scare of me! hahas! so i began to swim closer to them. HAHA! 

This island is so beautiful! 
Our instructor lead us to a more remote area whr we can see more different types of fishes.
They are bigger and more! 
and we saw a middle size Shark! 
Cool.. Cool..
now i go ard n tell me.. " I swam with SHARKS!" HAHA! 

This is our instructor. He have been a diver for 30 plus years. 
ps: i have lots of "closed eyes" photo in this trip. =(
During dinner after snorkeling, i began sea-sick. Everything is like floating n shaking. I cant take it! i have no appetite for my TOM-YAM soup! i m so sad but miserable! BOO!

Last day, We went island hopping! 
This beach was beautiful! 

Another island was called the "pregnant lady" 
myth abt this island is that if u drink the water and u will get pregnant. 

He didnt dare to drink, so he soak his legs in it which is filled with cat-fishes! haha!

This lady below is doing YOGA whenever she reach any island. 
So Baby and I kept luffing at her. And i imitate her. HAHA!

We went Fat-Cupid for lunch!
it was opened by a Kuala Lumpur guy. He was v.friendly and shared abit of his stories with us. 

Next was CABLE-CAR
world-steepest cable car! Indeed!!

Dinner was steamboat! YEAH! my Favourite! hehe! 

And i drove!! 

Den the Saddest thing happened.. Time to back to reality..

Look forward to others TRIPS with dear!! LOVES! <3 font="">

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