Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Some people say "the last thing in my list is to hurt you. I love u"

But isnt "hurting you" still in e list?

In fact, how many sentence of those guys sweet talk can we girls believe?

Few days back, one of my uni loves told me about "love 5 language"
I shall be generous n share it here..
They are "love of affirmation, love of quality time, love of present, love of touch and act of service". Details abt these can read from: www.5lovelanguages.com/learn-the-languages/the-five-love-languages/

I told my boy abt it.. And we have identify which is our love language. Haha. Like what my that gf said, it's actually important for couples to know what are each other love language. Haha.

I am the greedy cat, I wan all of it! But personally I dun need sweet talks n presents.. I just wan the real feelings. All that matter is... I love him.. And so do him.

Ohs well, envy of others especially jealous/envy of others' relationships its a NO NO. every couple are special in their own way. Everyone got diff approach for things. So dun even bother caring others r/s.. I m sure those couples out there doesn't wan you attention, even if the couple is ur close frens. At the very least, I dislike it. So I kinda hate when I m trying to pass my boy e msg of how much I love him, n ppl interrupt. To me, u ain't sharing e joy, u r disturbing me. And I honestly detest it. Please learn how to read or see people replies/emotions. When it's time for u to be transparent u be invisible.

Alright... Time to rest~~ haha.. I m perfectly alright. Kinda calm. Haha. Just emotion got over me just nw.

Ps: dun bother asking me who I m referring to. I hate it telling names. :D

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