Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweetie wan me to update. hahas.

No mood to online or update blog recently. jus wan to have a gd rest..

Currently i m like getting used to Attachment.
Thou still miss all my frens out there.. hahas..

Attachment is getting more n more fun..
BUT!! Wal.T and PK were gone.
BOO!!! no fun! hahahs..

Jus a simple update.
ps: Sweetie not one paragraph ok! hahaas.. i did update!! lol..

Last day for PK & WT.
went to have dinner then went prawning at EAST COAST.
Walter was the pro! hahas.

*guess hu is this?*
i think SLAVE gonna sae this pic v.chio again
cos cannot see my FACE!!! lol
Den i suppose this one more chio?
Totally no face.
eh. my hair like ALOT RITE!
See YongHuang n Walter so concentrate on prawning. lol
XG trying to copy the AHPEK prawning style. hahas~
ugly man!
Walter Tan started it! hahas
followed by JJ! lol

Walter, ur butt no nid so QIAO.
the prawn wont get attracted by ur butt. LOL
two GAYS~ lol.
All the guys prawning,
i concentrate on my sms~ hahas
PK got the JACKPOT! lucky him! hahas
Look at Justin's catch. so SMALL! hahahas
Walter Tan's. got pincer but still SMALL! lol
GAY! gross. lol
this is super funny.
i shout :1,2,3 den by the count of 3, pk quickly hug walter. lol
Walter Tan's xiao lao shu [mouse=muscle]
Hais. PK cannot take pic.. his skill r L_O_U_S_Y!
SEE MINE! hahas
was joking with W.T about
JI GONG. lol. cos Ji Gong always take the fan. lol
when r u sick, he will rub rub rub his body den all the dirt make up to one black pill
Me n JJ~
i look so huge~ hahas..
more built than JJ lol
The whole GANG!

Basically.. miss both of them.
no1 to acc me..
no1 to tell jokes to me. hahas..

but.. still...

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