Friday, May 23, 2014



It has been quite a while. I disappeared merely because I forgot about this cyber source of my life. HAHA. 

Everything just passed by one by one so quickly that I do not have time to jot them down. 

Big updates, I have resigned from my previous job as it was to taxing and there were really no place to grow. I want to get out of there before I get too used to the environment and people till I don't even think of getting out of my comfort zone. So I decided to take up the challenge and tender my white envelop to my superior. 

Time passes so quickly after I tender. I was so touched by many colleagues. Cos they offered to treat me farewell meals. They were from all different department or even company. In the short 9 mths, I couldnt believe that I have made so many friends in the company. haha. Trying to praise myself. I joked ard by saying: " Actually If i dont study finance, I can be a successful PR now." hahaha. 

I were like busy eating 2 week before my last day. HAHA. All these ppl are nice and awesome. But Some, I totally wont miss them at all. haha! In fact i felt like a relive to be out of the company! hahahaha

Now its my new job searching period. 

So I got to gambatte!! Thou i was quite demoralize, cos i went for 2 interviews but till today.. There was no single response from any of them. Hais. Hope I will get selected by at least one! *Pray hard* 

Ok.. Time to slp! 


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