Saturday, March 03, 2012

Been awhile since i last blogged.
My sch's assignments, projects and tests are suffocating me.
I got no time for my work, but well.. it seems like they r over-manpowered.
so i wasnt scheduled to work for 3 weeks.

i shld be studying for my test tml..
but my brain isnt functioning well right now.
i cant absorb any data, times like this.. i wish i m a Hard-disk/thumbdrive whatever that can just store data.

two more essays and one major project to go till my major exam in end of April.

OH! something to mention..
my bday is just round the corner, and i got no feel about it at all!
life is so packed with sch stuffs that i dont even have enuff time for my boy.
and not meeting him just made me feels so uneasy.
especially today!
i was so busy revising, i didnt reply his sms and he fell asleep!
feeling so empty w/o talkin on the phone with him.

yes yes, i know i have changed alot bcos of him. haha
well, i just think that when u r truly in love with someone..
unconsciously u have alrdy changed ur own pesonality.
and it just happened on me.

i just hope everything goes well for the both of us.

time to slp. prepare for tml TEST!

go go go~~

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