Monday, August 09, 2010

Been a long time since i update.
Well as my uni life started.. work is piling up for me..
And my food friend appeared as well.. its " STRESS".. how nice.

Test is coming one by one too.. got to score well~ hais..
But my uni batch of ppl r crazily fun! laughter filled my lectures almost everytym..
its good.. But how i wish... my poly ppl here too.. but i confirm we will b the most noisy batch here. hahahs!

Well.. supposed to go my boy's house. but.. we changed our plan..
we went for prawning n fish therapy instead. we met up with J,YC n PQ.

its freaking disgusting. i swear.. those fishes r like super hungry.. they r like dying to eat ur leg's dead skin. gosh~ freak me n pq out.. totally.
but in e end after i tired.. its pretty cool..just ticklish. thats all. lol..

cool.. den we went to chill after that... catch up soon agn guys.. =)

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