Thursday, February 11, 2010

Everyone is just so busy with their own things.

i m bascially just staring at my project and hope that it will program itself.
so i will not have to crack my brain and think of codes.

at this moment, i hope i will be like harry potter, fairy godmother or whoever that possess the magical power.
but it always fail.
i m jus a stupid poly student that will have to burn midnite oil till exams are over.

=( =( =(

so many tiny winy things to do..
all these add up will be a big big thing for me.

it have been donkey yrs that i met up with my babies..
i miss their laughters and girls session..

same goes to my poly mates.
everyone is rushing for projects, den now. CNY.
i totally have no feel for it.
i m like numb from sch.

anyway.. i jus wanna it to end..
but i dun wan to end my Poly life.
indeed i m...

pls.. any kind soul show me my path to success?
den i can RIP after that.

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